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EPRI PEAC is a subsidiary of EPRISolutions, whose mission is to discover, develop, and deliver advances in science and technology for the benefit of electric utilities, their customers, and society. Funded through annual membership dues, EPRI’s work covers a wide range of technologies related to the generation, delivery, and use of electricity, with special attention paid to cost-effectiveness and environmental concerns.

In 1986, EPRI established the Power Electronics Applications Center (PEAC) to facilitate the widespread and practical use of power electronics technologies for improving the efficiency and productivity of electricity. Today, the Center has evolved into the EPRI PEAC Corporation, an international cornerstone of power quality services and products. Understanding the needs of electric utilities and their customers in a deregulated market, the EPRI PEAC staff of distinguished engineers and technicians have three main goals:

1. Support electric utilities and their customers in their efforts to understand, diagnose, solve, and prevent power quality problems and improve the efficient use of electricity.

2. Help electric utilities solidify durable, beneficial relationships with their customers, manufacturers, and standards organizations.

3. Empower utilities and industry with knowledge and tools to compete in an era of deregulation.

To achieve its mission, EPRI PEAC offers a complement of products and services to electric utilities and their customers around the world.

Summary of Capabilities

Field Services:

  • Field Investigations: EPRI PEAC investigates power quality problems for industry and business. Our engineers and technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art portable monitoring and diagnostic equipment.
  • The Process Ride-Through Evaluation System helps power quality engineers diagnose incompatibilities between process equipment and the electrical environment. It enables power quality investigators to create electrical disturbances in one or all three phases of voltage supplying process equipment to determine the tolerance of equipment or an entire process.

Testing and Research:

  • The Power Quality Test Facility is a modern testing and research facility capable of testing equipment, devices, and appliances to forty standards.
  • The Power Quality Testing Network is a network of research facilities dedicated to understanding and solving power quality problems, and the EPRI PEAC Corporation is the hub of the network.
  • The System Compatibility Research Project offers the opportunity for electric utilities, manufacturers, end users, and standards organizations to jointly sponsor research projects to understand, solve, and eventually prevent power quality problems.

Customized Research and Diagnostic Services:

  • EPRI PEAC develops test plans and test protocols to specification for industry and business interested in conducting their own research and testing. Testing can be performed in the Power Quality Test Facility or other site.

Power Quality Publications:

  • EPRI PEAC offers many publications to help industry and business solve and prevent complex power quality problems. These include PQ Briefs, PQ Applications, PQ Case Studies, PQ Solutions, PQ Commentaries, and technical reports.


The Power Quality Hotline:

  • A troubleshooting service available to industry, business, and electric utilities. EPRI PEAC engineers are available to answer the power quality questions of facility and utility engineers working in the field.

Power Quality Training:

  • Hundreds of engineers and technicians have attended the EPRI PEAC Power Quality Technical Training Course since its inauguration in 1991.

EPRI PEAC now offers four additional courses and workshop options:

  • Power Quality Business Opportunities in a Changing End-Use Market
  • Tailored Power Quality Training at a Remote Location
  • Tailored Power Quality Training at EPRI PEAC
  • Advanced Power Quality Workshop at EPRI PEAC.

Contact Information

EPRI PEAC Corporation
942 Corridor Park Boulevard
Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
(865) 218-8000
fax: (865) 218-8001

Get Involved

EPRI PEAC offers ongoing opportunities for qualified organizations to leverage their research funds by conducting several collaboratively funded research projects each year. These projects offer the opportunity for electric utilities, manufacturers, equipment users, and standards organizations to participate in research projects designed to understand, solve, and prevent power quality problems. EPRI PEAC has conducted dozens of collaborative research projects, the results of which have influenced national and international standards.

Our new Power Quality/Distributed Generation/Energy Storage laboratory is a unique facility designed to provide critical information related to interconnection and compatibility issues of distributed resources. Four collaborative projects are currently available and additional projects will be added in the near future.

Current opportunities include:
1. Power Quality in Chiller Systems  2. Incompatibility Between High-Efficiency Residential HVAC Units and the Distribution System Caused by Inrush Current   3. Evaluation of a "Batteryless" Transformer-Based Sag and Interruption Ride-Through Device for Commercial and Industrial Process Control   4. Completing the Circuit: A Utility Industry Response for Removing Potential Barriers to Interconnection of Distributed Resources  

In its recent report, Making Connections, DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) identified a number of technical issues, business practices, and regulatory rules that can increase the cost of and unnecessarily delay or even stop viable projects with potential benefits for both end users and power-delivery companies.

EPRI and the utility industry are responding with initiatives to test and certify DR hardware and several research projects aimed at answering system compatibility questions. These projects are part of EPRI's new "Completing the Circuit" series of DR-related projects. These projects are an important part of the utility industry's response to potential DR interconnection barriers identified in the recent DOE/NREL "Barriers Report" Making Connections. All projects qualify for EPRI Tailored Collaboration (TC) funding.

  • Dynamic Interaction of Distributed Generation/Energy Storage Equipment for End-Use Applications
  • System Compatibiltiy Testing of Distributed Generation/Energy Storage Equipment for End-Use Applications
  • Laboratory Trials of Proposed IEEE P1547: Standard for Distributed Resources Interconnection with Electric Power Systems
  • Prevention of Unintentional Islanding in Distributed Generation Equipment
  • Certification of Grid-Connected Distributed Energy Resources

EPRI PEAC Corporation hopes to see you at the following events.

Event Date Location
5th Annual Industry Event – Distributed Generation & On-Site Power

"Installing Viable DistGen Systems for Improving Power Quality and Reducing Energy Cost$"

www.dist-ge com

March 21-23, 2001 New Orleans, Louisiana

Upcoming Date Location
Powering E-Business
Part 3: Exploring Energy, Deregulation, and the Digital Society November 1-2, 2001 San Francisco, CA
The schedule for Powering Electronics for Distributed Energy Resources, Part 2 will be posted soon. Please check back often!

Recent Date Location
Power Electronics for Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
Part 1: Planning a Framework October 26–27, 2000 Knoxville, TN
Powering E-Business
Part 1: Strategies and Planning November 16–17, 2000 Nashville, TN
Powering E-Business
Part 2: Strategies and Solutions for a Digital World May 8–9, 2001 Kansas City, MO
Date Location
The schedule for Power Electronics Training Sessions will be posted soon. Please check back often!